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How to buy a handgun in Moldova

legal handgun

This is a detailed instruction on how you can buy a handgun legally in Moldova.

  1. the narcological commission in the narcological dispensary is lower than economy. academies (narcologist, urine test, psychologist) 365 lei
  2. psycho. commission in Durka or at the place of registration from (statement that you are not registered with a psychiatrist and a test from a psychologist), 400 lei
  3. a characteristic from the district police officer, that he is not violent, he is not noticed in fights, he can still check the presence of a safe. is free
  4. when there are points 1 and 2, then you go to a course to obtain a permit, about 1410 lei.
    held on a dynamo (st.Dimo, 30) or on Botanica in a Magnum shooting Club
  5. duty and payment for plastic (260 + 400 = 660 lei)
  6. when all the papers are ready, you carry the entire package of documents to the permits on Doina 102, and wait a couple of weeks (officially up to 30 days)
  7. issue two copies of the purchase permit, go to the store, buy the desired barrel. the store fills in the necessary information, keeps one copy of the permit for itself, gives the second to you
  8. you take the handgun home to the safe, take a copy of the permit to the permitters and again wait until a temporary permit is issued (with which you can already use the barrel), and then plastic is issued
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