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Taking care of your LVL2 mechanism

Some tips for maintaining your LVL2 action holster.

Usually, we use in our lvl2 holsters two mechanisms, from Spetzgear and Bladetech. But lately, I like Spetzgear more, because the mechanism opening button works softer and does not need to be cut.

Both LVL2 mechanisms arrive unlubricated from the manufacturer. Therefore, for their stable and soft operation, I recommend periodically lubricating them with any neutral oil. It is enough to apply 1 pinch of oil inside the mechanism from different sides once every two months. Then remove excess oil with a regular dry cloth.

In addition, it is not recommended to over-tighten the screws of the mechanism, especially from the top screw on the axis of which the strap rotates. Too much tightening will cause the strap to lock, and we don’t want that.

Lastly, I highly recommend spraying thread sealant on the screws before tightening them. So that they don’t unwind.

Well, and of course, be sure to read the article about caring for your holster so that it serves you long and reliably.

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